Club Rules

Section 1 – Payments (Parents and Participants)

  • Payment by Standing Order, BACS or cheque made payable to Helix Trampoline Club
  • There is an annual compulsory fee payable to British Gymnastics for Insurance cover
  • There is an annual compulsory fee payable to Helix to help with equipment maintenance & pay for coaches competition expenses
  • Payment failure will result in no entry

Section 2 – Training (Participants – Parents)

  • Respect other members using facilities at the Sports Centre & adhere to any Rules / Requests given by Sports Centre staff
  • Inform your coach if you know that you will not be attending a session
  • Parents wishing to stay and observe the session are politely asked to watch from the viewing gallery or seating
  • Participants must ask the Coach in charge of them if they need to leave the hall
  • Energy drinks are NOT ALLOWED water or squash are the only allowed drinks during training
  • The attire must be either leotard & shirts / whites or alternatively T-shirt & shorts / leggings
  • White socks must be worn at ALL TIMES
  • Any changes or increases to training hours must be agreed with the lead Coach

Section 3 – Code of Conduct –Participants, Parents

  • Parents should encourage their child to learn the rules & participate within them
  • Behave correctly at all times at training, competitions & squads
  • Encourage their child to be performance motivated & leave the coaching to the coach
  • Set a good example by recognising good sportsmanship & applauding good performances from all
  • Always ensure their child is dressed correctly for the activity and has plenty of water to drink
  • Keep the club informed if their child is ill or unable to attend sessions or if any significant changes in the family may have caused a change in behaviour
  • Use correct and proper language at all times
  • Share any concerns or complaints about any aspect of the club through the correct channels, not through Social Network sites
  • Encourage their child in a positive manner at all times

  • Read, accept & abide by the Club rules & policies

  • Helix Trampoline Club will not tolerate anyone found consistently using bad language, bad behaviour, abusive & bullying behaviour, this will constitute a breach of club rules & will result in the person being expelled immediately

 Section 4 – Complaints Procedure

  • Complaints regarding the welfare of a child should be reported to the Welfare Officer – See Coaches Page
  • General complaints should be reported in writing to the lead Coach