About us

Founded by Russell Mobey in December 2016, the club has evolved from many years of working with other coaches, repetitively putting performers forward for Regional & National Competitions.

Our members and coaches thrive off the friendly and welcoming atmosphere we encourage at Helix. We enjoy coaching anyone who has drive and passion for the sport, all the way through to complete beginners who want to give it a shot for the first time.

We like to think the atmosphere at Helix is one that resembles a close knit family, with all the pupils and coaches look out for one another and helping them to develop. All the coaches at Helix are what we like to call ‘home grown’, they have become part of the club and become engrossed in the sport after watching their children jump. Some of them have even had a go themselves!

Adding to this environment, members can progress through the club to the elite training sessions, taking part in high level competitions and attending squad training. Helix provides many different opportunities for progression and fun within the club and also through the South West.